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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on September 29th, 2021

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Using Neuroscience In Sales & Leadership with Kevin Bailey


Today's guest on the Peak Performance Selling Podcast is Kevin Bailey, CEO & Founder of Dreamfuel.

Learning and applying the lessons of neuroscience to business mindsets has the potential to dramatically increase sales. In Kevin's own experience, this allowed him to be his company's best salesman with a 56% closing rate. These valuable lessons are what he also teaches other sales and executive teams, with particular emphasis on potentiation, depotentiation, and equanimity. This basically means the creation of new mindsets, the extinguishing of negative mindsets, and the non-creation of any new mindsets.

Kevin explains that these mental fitness exercises help create pathways that your brain can make its default. This can create a permanent state of gratitude, for example, that makes you resilient against almost any circumstance and always show up your best.


02:05 Framing an entrepreneurial mindset and the power of visualization

05:58 Preventing burnout and applying mindset lessons to sales

09:49 Neuroscience lessons for teams: Potentiation, depotentiation, and equanimity

13:56 Showing leaders the benefits of meditation and visualization 

17:58 Keep performing at your best with just 15 minutes of mental fitness activities

29:39 Maintaining your positive mindset in the face of failure

31:00 Explaining the physiology of mindset and the results that follow

38:47 For skeptics: Science backs it up and you must try it to feel the results

46:39 Habit creation: Repetition helps create habits, but it can also only take 1 instance

51:22 The ability to feel joy no matter what happens externally is success

52:16 Connect with Kevin


10:44 "You want to get confident, have natural confidence? You got to get really excited about you being confident and that will wire and fire and build new neural networks for confidence. Same thing with gratitude or any other mindset you want to practice."

11:11 "There are networks in your mind, limiting beliefs, bad mindsets: I'm not good enough, our product's too expensive, our competitors are better than us, dad said don't talk about money, those kinds of beliefs that you actually need to lose. So that's called depotentiation."

12:04 "Every time you trash talk yourself, you're creating new neural networks of shitty beliefs. So to not do that to yourself, that's called equanimity. That's what cold showers and stuff are trying to train you to do, just stay cool no matter what happened because the last thing you want to do is get into an already bad situation and make it worse."

20:38 "For most people, all they need to do is set intention in the morning, meditate in the afternoon, and practice gratitude in the evening."

31:03 "Your physiology controls your emotions and your feelings, your emotions and feelings control your thoughts, your thoughts control your actions, your actions control your results."

You can learn more and follow Kevin on the following links below.


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