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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on February 2nd, 2022

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Routines To Maintain Mental Health In Sales With Morgan J Ingram


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Morgan J. Ingram is currently Director of Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training, focusing on delivering to sales development teams to enhance their skill sets and performance.

Morgan drops several nuggets of wisdom on a slew of topics, from the limitations of sales training programs to mental health and diversity in the workplace. Morgan also shares how he caught the sales bug early as a child with Pokemon cards, and the personal ritual that he performs daily to keep himself motivated everyday.


  • Getting the sales bug as a child by selling Pokemon cards
  • Sales training is not a silver bullet 
  • Organizations need frameworks and structure to survive 
  • All SDRs struggle with rejection, but they can overcome it
  • The goal is to win more weeks than you lose
  • Wake up and work early to get ahead of everybody else
  • Positive affirmation works, but you need to put in the work
  • Our subconscious is more intelligent than our conscious
  • How to build an authentic and consistent brand
  • Dealing with burnout and other mental health issues
  • Getting called out for being in "space mode"
  • Companies need to walk the diversity talk


Morgan: "78% of people forget the knowledge that they've learned within a training session after. It's because it's a lot of information. There is really no silver bullet on this because each organization is different. However, what I found to be the easiest is you have to give them structure, frameworks, and systems to implement. I can give you a tip, that's great. But it's not enough." 

Morgan: "Having a grasp on your emotions, and what I like to call keeping a steady mindset, is the biggest gap that a lot of people have because it is hard to get your emotions in check. But that's what's gonna lead you to success." 

Morgan: "There's no one to be upset with but yourself. If you're gonna set an affirmation, you actually have to do the work still. This isn't a genie. This isn't Aladdin." 

Morgan: "Every single thing that you write down, every single thing that you say, feeds into your subconscious. So if you keep telling yourself I'm not good at this, I can't do it and you're like, joking, that actually is detrimental to your success. Because now the subconscious is picking up the 'I can't do this'. So now your conscious is gonna find ways for you not to do it."

Morgan: "I'm just sharing my journey. I'm not coming from the place of 'I'm a guru or expert'. I'm coming from a place of like 'This is my journey and I'm just sharing it and there are results in this journey. But I'm not telling you I'm the best of all time.'"

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