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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on May 4th, 2022

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The Role of Empathy In The Future Of Work w/ Sophie Wade


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Jordan talks to work futurist and international keynote speaker Sophie Wade.

As a workforce innovation specialist, Sophie shares valuable insights on the future of work, particularly in terms of remote work and hybrid working arrangements that companies have had to adopt quickly, if not haphazardly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sophie’s new book, Empathy Works: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Work just came out! 


The perspective that comes from working in different countries

Why some companies are struggling to adapt to remote work

Hybrid work will take some getting used to

When having employees with multiple jobs make sense

Business systems are not evolving in the same pace as technology

Most people don't know to do their best work

What is empathy?

Listen to your co-workers as much as you do with clients

Trust is the foundation of all good relationships


Sophie: "We can use empathy to learn a lot more about other people when we are asking questions and watching people's faces. And the key thing is really trying to sort of connect in all of these different dimensions as well as paying attention to what people's moods are and listening to their voice tones and all these kinds of things. When we really pay attention to all these things they give us a huge amount of information so we don't need to spend four hours on the golf course, as fun as that may be."

Sophie: "Everybody being in the office, or everybody being remote, those are the two easiest solutions because everybody is sort of in the same environment. When you have different schedules, and people coming back and forth, and some people may be fully in the office and some may be fully remote, some people in between, it is just more complicated. But the world is more complicated, and the way business is operating, never mind supply chain disruptions."

Sophie: "If we can understand each other and work together better, that's the principle. It doesn't change but the more that we can make progress towards that goal and have more productive interactions and have better collaboration meetings particular when we're trying to sort of deal with these gnarly issues that we're dealing with now, that's all making the workplace more enjoyable, more effective and we can also be improving our performance."

Sophie: "Empathy... is generally understanding someone else's perspective, like how they see the world. Like you don't see the same world the same way that I see the world, like me trying to understand that and then also tapping into how you experience it, to how you feel."


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