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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on February 24th, 2022

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The Path to Top 1% for Women in Sales w/ Cynthia Barnes


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Cynthia Barnes is a LinkedIn Top Voice, LinkedIn Top Sales influencer, Salesforce Top Influencer, International keynote speaker, and founder of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals and Barnes Sales Institute.

Cynthia shares her experiences in empowering women in the sales industry, as well as the importance of self awareness as the key to sales success. She pointed out that it’s vital to pay attention to the triggers that hamper success, and to always put in the work to achieve excellence.


  • We can’t compare ourselves to anyone
  • Look in the mirror and say, why not me?
  • Managing your inner critic; I am enough without even trying
  • Identify common self-limiting beliefs to get through pushbacks
  • Be your own champion
  • Never forget your ability to choose
  • Accept responsibility for everything
  • Be a student of sales
  • Winning is a group effort


Cynthia: “When you set your goal to become number one, sometimes, we think too small.”

Cynthia: “We can’t compare ourselves to anyone because we’d limit our possibilities to being just better than the next best person. Instead, why don't we think bigger and say, if I have everything that I need, what could I accomplish? 9 times out of 10, we will blow our set goals out of the water because we're competing with our own abilities."

Cynthia: "You have to say your affirmations 100 times a day."

Cynthia: "I had to learn early on that what others say about you is none of your business. It's hard, especially as a teenager, growing up being called names. But that bullying made me a better salesperson. I made a conscious effort to overcome it. I could use it to make me bitter or I could use it to make me better. And I chose the latter.

Cynthia: "Failure, let's change that to the learning experience. The stories we tell ourselves affect the outcome of how we react. There are no failures in life. There are only opportunities to bounce back better."

Cynthia: "The more resilience you want, the more adversity you will have to face. The more adversities you face, the stronger you become."

Cynthia: "Sometimes, when women say things that were created for a man and by a man to say, it comes off as disingenuous, being aggressive, and that is not how women are wanted to be seen in the sales world. So we gotta do double duties and change the script."

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