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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on August 18th, 2021

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The Inner Game of Sales with Jeffrey Lipsius

Episode Summary

Today's guest on the Peak Performance Selling Podcast is Jeffrey Lipsius, author, internationally-recognized sales trainer, and performance coach. There are many unlikely gems in tennis that are applicable to sales and Jeffrey goes into detail to explain each one. Inner awareness refers to the customer's self-awareness; do they know what they need, their pains, distractions? By becoming a learner and listening more effectively, salespeople become more attuned to their buyer. The principle of the inner game being the outer game teaches that salespeople need to focus on inner awareness, the customer's buying performance, rather than their sales performance. Ironically enough, this strategy is precisely what puts you in the mindset that achieves peak performance. Jeffrey Lipsius is the President and Founder of Selling To The Point®, LLC Sales Training and Consulting. He developed the Selling To The Point® sales training method and pioneered inside selling for the Natural Foods Industry. Jeffrey is the author of Selling To The Point: Because The Information Age Demands a New Way to Sell.

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Episode Notes


02:44 Applying the Inner Game mindset to create peak performance

07:45 Tennis as sales: The inner game is the outer game and vice versa

13:49 Empowering sales: Syncing the languages of customer and salesperson

19:59 For sales leaders: Reframe bad months as learning experiences 

27:31 Buying performance: An inner process of decision-making

34:14 Redefine outlooks to be goal-oriented instead of gratifying egos 

35:47 Success is a feeling, defining it limits it 

38:17 Get Jeff's book and connect with him 


17:43 "Salespeople need to play the long game, and you do that by being the learner, not the teacher. We can control what we learn and also salespeople control the definition of their role."

22:49 "When you try, what's it feel like for the customer? It feels pushy. A salesperson who is trying harder, the customer feels that that salesperson is being pushy and trying will sabotage the performance itself."

24:52 "You're paid based on how your customers buy, not on how you sell."

31:19 "We need to get salespeople to watch the seams of the ball, from outer to inner. And that's the beginning. So good sales coach is going to be a good observation coach redirecting the sales person's focus from outer to inner."

34:38 "We could be very mindful, but it's not going to be of much help if we're focused on the wrong thing. So using the example of selling, we have to reframe selling to get salespeople focused on the right thing, which is you're not there to sell."

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