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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on December 7th, 2021

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Selling with Video & The Future of Remote Sales w/ Todd Hartley


Todd Hartley, Founder and CEO of WireBuzz and Tony Robbins Business Mastery Speaker. Video is a game changer in business. Todd shares how he realized that video will dominate human attention and how he decided that he will become a trailblazer in this space in the early 2000s. He shares, after training thousands of people, the most common limiting beliefs people tell themselves why video is not for them. The solutions however are terribly simple and are more about getting over what's in your head than the true difficulty of using video as a tool. Todd shares how he hacks attention with video and how this medium's greatest advantage is to provide clarity. He shares that he is able to consistently help his clients and, as a matter of fact, only lost ONE client in ELEVEN years because he treats them as friends, and helping friends is not work at all.


02:12 Working with Tony as a client and becoming an early adopter of video 

07:05 A dream to become a talk show host despite learning disabilities

11:24 Limiting beliefs on video and finding massive success with Todd's strategies

19:38 Todd's camera set up leverages attention hacking 

22:57 Clarity: Video eliminates confusion, the cause of leads leaking out

29:35 Clients are friends and Todd likes helping his friends

35:33 Bounce back from losses by managing the story in your head

40:44 Leaders with vision lead organizations and hold people accountable

44:26 Routines: Working out in the morning even as a night person


10:30 "When I'm training people how to get great on video, they beat themselves up on take one, not realizing they're not there when Michael Jordan's warming up in the gym and they're missing all of that prep time."

11:32 "Number one, I don't like how I look on camera. That's the big dog, but even supermodels are in therapy over this topic. Like none of us like how we look, but what do we like more than anything? 

Our willingness or our ability to serve other people. So when we get our vanity in proper position and our desire to serve people as the number one point, then everything changes."

22:38 "A customer going down your customer journey page on your website, they're looking for information, what I try to explain to them is wherever there's confusion in your sales process, your leads are going to leak out."

31:38 "It really starts with the central question, do I have room in my life for more friends?"

46:17 "Honestly. I really like to serve people. I love to be a value to them and I know that as I serve people and I do it with an open, loving heart, they will stay in my life and we will grow together. I'm big believer in that."

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