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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on January 27th, 2022

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Sell Without Selling Out w/ Andy Paul


Andy Paul, host of the Sales Enablement with Andy Paul Podcast and author of the upcoming book Sell Without Selling Out joins us on Peak Performance Selling.

Andy reflects on the fact that the principles of selling are largely unchanged throughout history. People buy from people, so investing in good relationships will always be crucial, whether as a buyer buying based on return on time and attention, or as a seller trying to distinguish yourself from other sellers. Helping others get what they want and being transparent about its mutual benefits will always be a win-win situation.


  • Understanding early that sales is a people business
  • Decisions are made based on return on time and attention
  • Givers, takers, and matchers: How to sell to different people
  • The principles of selling are largely unchanged throughout history
  • Close the perception gap of coaching between managers and sellers


Andy: "If you think it's purely about the process, you think it's just about what you're executing in your playbook, and you think this interaction doesn't matter, this relationship doesn't matter, then you're fooling yourself."

Andy: "If you're approaching your customer and saying, my job here is help you get what's most important to you, and if I can help you get what's most important to you, I'll get what's important to me. And as long as you're transparent about that, that's what people want."

Andy: "People calculate a return on the time they invest in you. If you're a seller and you wonder if somebody started ghosts, there could be multiple reasons, but the first reason, generally is they made the decision, you're just not worth their time."

You can learn more about Andy and preorder his book in the links below.

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