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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on January 27th, 2021

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Ross Nibur


“Success is the number of people’s lives you’re able to influence and touch, and how much quality they’re able to derive from that relationship they have with you.”

Success is a moving object, and when it comes to sales, it cannot be said better. If you are looking to measure your sales success, you need to look at the impact you are having on your customers. Are you helping them succeed?

In this episode, we have Ross Nibur joining us on the show. Ross is the Director of Operations at Toast. He has an amazing entrepreneurial journey taken from prep cook to sales rep, and now operations leader at a Forbes top 10 Cloud company, Toast. His secret technique is his ability to scale the mix of data process and technology with a modern team to execute the core tasks that make up their day to day lives.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Ross’ background in sales
  • How Ross manages to stay at his best
  • Self-accountability
  • Dealing with leadership ego
  • Skills that have helped Ross scale in his career
  • The future of sales
  • Qualities of a great leader
  • The definition of success, according to Ross

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[02:22] How Ross got into sales

[10:37] How does Ross stay at his best, and how does he help his team stay at their best?

[14:35] How does Ross coach his leaders and teams to hold themselves accountable?

[18:22]How does Ross help leaders get over their ego of thinking they are better than individual contributors?

[20:53] Skills that have helped Ross move out of the individual contributor position

[25:31] How Ross sells to people with no predisposition to technology in their business as a whole?

[32:47] What trends should we be looking at when it comes to sales?

[36:56] Qualities of leaders that Ross looks up to

[39:14] What does success mean to Ross?

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“The only time you fail in sales is when you get complicit and you stop doing those tasks in a way that makes it so you don’t have your pipeline for the next month.”

“If your reps are all showing up to pipeline review, and they are not prepared, spend two days with your top performers who are struggling to manage pipeline and see where they’re spending their time.”

“Authority in businesses is derived from your ability to drive alignment”

“Technology is a way of reaching customers, and delighting those customers.”

“Being a good salesperson, when you’re working in a logistic industry, is about helping educate buyers on the value of changing their operations and leveraging technology.”

“Be an educator first, and a salesperson second.”

“Mise en place, is the concept in cooking, of having all of your ingredients setup and ready to go so when it gets busy you don’t have to spend time going up and down the stairs. This applies to sales too and what I like to call Sales en place, get your system organized so you don’t waste time”

“Technology can’t empathize with humans.”

“Success is the number of people’s lives you’re able to influence and touch, and how much quality they’re able to derive from that relationship they have with you.”


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