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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on July 9th, 2021

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Psychology And Diversity To Help Your Sales Team Realize Their Vision


After spending years in academia and studying how humans operate, Dr. Devan Kronisch made the jump to Sales Enablement at Proposify. Let’s hear Dr. Kronisch talk science to sales leaders and how they became known as the go-to expert on all things performance, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), while enabling sales leaders and sellers to optimize themselves.

Listen in as Dr. Devan Kronisch discusses:

  • Their journey from Academia studying how humans operate at their best to tech sales enablement @ Proposify
  • The science of the human mind
  • Strategies for incentivizing sellers
  • How to operate at your best as a sales leader, for yourself and your team
  • How to build an inclusive culture
  • Ways to maintain peak performance!


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About Jordan Benjamin

Jordan is the founder of My Core OS. After spending years in sales, working with sellers and studying peak performance he found an opportunity to help sellers level up to not only build peak performance at work, but to also create harmony between work and life so you can sustain performance over the long term.