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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on March 3rd, 2022

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Prioritizing Mental Health In Sales with Amy Hrehovcik


Amy Hrehovcik is the host of the Revenue Real Hotline and is also the head of community at Salescast.

Amy talks about her journey to sales, starting with her childhood, when she was raised by professional salespeople. For Amy, mental health should be a bigger focus in sales than it is today. Amy brings up the idea of settling and facing our discomfort, instead of hiding negative feelings away. Happier people are better workers in general, and focusing on people’s mental health will bring immeasurable benefits to the company and the employee as well.


  • What it's like to have sellers as parents
  • Recognizing and reframing discomfort is the way to progress
  • There is power in labelling your emotions 
  • The absence of symptoms does not equate health
  • Sales is the greatest profession on the planet
  • We're all just humans trying to do better
  • Top sellers don't automatically become good sales managers 
  • You are not your thoughts and feelings 


Amy: "I learned how to interpret feelings of discomfort differently very young. Not only did I learn how to interpret them differently, I learned how to seek them out and to measure my own performance that day based on if I went out of my comfort zone and then how far I went."

Amy: "There is no such thing as aspiring to ice out only negative feelings. When you aspire to ice some of them out or not feel them, you ice them all away, little by little, year after year."

Amy: "We can all relate to feeling harmed in the workplace. Sometimes, when we allow these arbitrary differences, our race, our gender, our location, our age, our sexual orientation, our able bodies, when we allow these arbitrary things to impede the conversation, it prevents us from seeing that shared humanity, that shared experience."

Jordan: "We are all humans that are flawed, that have challenges and struggles and are doing the best with what we got. And we can accomplish so much more together than if we just try and run out on our own in our own tiny little silo as a whole."

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