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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on October 28th, 2020

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Nick Farr


“Success is finding happiness, ideally through impact. If financial success comes along with that fantastic.”

Transitioning Markets & Selling in Brazil with Nick Farr

Today we have a great show lined up for you. We have Nick Farr joining us on the show.

 Nick has been at HubSpot for over four years, working across different channels from education, vertical selling into the partner channel and most recently moving into the Latin America and Brazil market working with our partners. He is a multiple-time president’s club award winner. This year, (September!) he has already qualified for President’s Club at HubSpot.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Nick’s background in sales
  • Transitioning from one market to the other 
  • The sales process in Brazil
  • Qualities of top performers in sales according to Nick
  • Bouncing back from a tough month
  • Routines and habits that help Nick show up at his best every day
  • Lessons that Nick learned from some of the most outstanding leaders that he had a chance to work with
  • Nick’s definition of success
  • Winning versus losing 

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[01:44] How Nick got into sales

[05:01] Why Nick is transitioning into the Brazilian Market from the American Market

[06:41] The differences in markets in the United States and Brazil

[08:33] How is the sales process in Brazil different from the United States?

[11:24] What separates top performers in sales from those who are yet to make it?

[15:20] How does Nick bounce back effectively from a tough month?

[18:50] What habits and routines help Nick show up at his best all the time?

[24:39] What lessons has Nick borrowed from some of the great leaders that he has worked with?

[27:41] What does success mean to Nick?

[28:39] Does Nick love winning or hate losing more?

[29:35] What does Nick love the most about sales?

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“I don’t think that there’s one style or one recipe for success in sales. You have some people that are super process oriented, you have people that are super technical, and you have some people that are a little bit more aggressive, and others may be good at challenging.”

“When things are going great, don’t get too high. When things are not going great, don’t get too low.”

“You have to be disciplined and self-motivated enough to do the work for you. Not for your manager, not for somebody else. You have to have self-motivation.”

“Success is finding happiness, ideally through impact. If financial success comes along with that fantastic.” 

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