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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on January 19th, 2022

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Master Your Mind w/ Gerhard Gschwandtner



Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine, a venture that started in 1980 on a shoestring budget and created the largest sales management publication in the country.

Gerhard talks about the evolution of sales and shares his thoughts on which traits and habits make up a peak performer. He is particularly keen on mastering your own mindset, and ensuring that you set yourself up for success every time.

Episode Notes


  • The diversity of people in sales has made it more humane
  • Nothing is that original under the sun
  • People should be encouraged to pursue their ideas 
  • Self-Talk vs Listening to other people talk
  • Practice doing mind resets
  • Changing your language can change the mindset
  • Your brain needs to catch up with the reality of what's possible
  • Parallels between chess and the selling process 
  • You have to believe in yourself first  
  • The habits that peak performers make
  • Every moment is a surprise 
  • We need fantasy to keep reality in perspective


Gerhard: "We cannot really claim that we are very smart, we are just the recipients of the kindness of other people. I think we have an obligation to share it with others because everything that's in our brain has been fed to us through the minds of other people. "

Gerhard: "It's the thought that created the feeling, not the other way around. So when you write your thoughts down and let's say, you make a cold call and somebody slams the phone on you, and you say, I'm an idiot, I'm worthless, I feel bad, selling sucks, cold calling is dead and all those things, then you divide a piece of paper in two parts. On the left side, all the automatic negative thoughts. And then you force yourself to come up with the positive and realistic equivalent. And what happens when you complete the exercise, when you complete the right-hand side, you're back to your normal self. you have a mindset reset." 

Gerhard: "By observing your thoughts, you observe the pattern, you recognize the pattern. Then the next time a negative thought comes in, you can transform it." 

Gerhard: "You are operating right now only at about 40 or 50% of your capacities. You have a lot more in the tank and what's holding you back is the belief system."

Gerhard: "As a salesperson, you got to believe in yourself. You got to believe in your product. You got to believe in your capacity and your skills to make it happen, to make quota. And you got to believe that the customer has the desire to buy otherwise you're cooked. If you negatively predict the outcome of a sales conversation, you're cooked. You're not gonna be able to sell.”

Gerhard: "I think that peak performers don't get in a jam. They reframe experiences in a positive way. They start their day with a good morning routine. Some people actually spend 5 or 10 minutes writing down what my ideal day would look like if I could control everything."

You can learn more about Gerhard in the link below.

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