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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on April 6th, 2022

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Looking Inward As A Path To Sales Success with Marcus Chan


Marcus Chan is the Founder of Venli Consulting Group, where he helps Account Executives sell and earn $50,000 - $100,000+ MORE each year through his coaching and training programs.

Marcus talks about developing a heightened sense of self-awareness not only to understand yourself, but to also understand others. Knowing how you impact people, and simultaneously understanding why others react a certain way allows you to adjust your approach to achieve your desired results.

He also talks about breaking down mindsets that may be hampering you from success, and paying attention to your M5: Mind, Muscles, Matter, Money, and Marriage.


  • Fail forward quickly to get a strong feedback loop
  • Self-awareness can help you understand others 
  • You often don't know that you don't know
  • Break free from your BS beliefs 
  • Progress is the ultimate motivation
  • Building your personal operating system
  • Pay attention to your M5: Mind, Muscles, Matter, Money, Marriage
  • Plan your morning and nighttime routines


Marcus: "The more I can understand be aware of myself, the more I can seek to understand other people." 

Marcus: "One of the greatest lesson learned has to be, easily, is to focus inward first. Master that self-awareness. If we do that, it becomes much easier to get what you want in life." 

Marcus: "What's really important here: only ask people who have already achieved what you want consistently at a higher level. What you don't want is someone who's on the same level as you. That's like the blind leading the blind. You want to know what it is that you can change. "

Marcus: "Whatever you consume consistently, your thoughts will eventually become your beliefs. Your beliefs will become your actions. Your actions will become your results. If you understand that, you start breaking those beliefs." 

Marcus: "It's not about, I'm just gonna work 100%, 80 hours a week or whatever, This is about making sure when I hustle, it's executing on the high leverage tasks that move the needle. As a sales professional, it's the IPAs: income producing activities." 

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About Jordan Benjamin

Jordan is the founder of My Core OS. After spending years in sales, working with sellers and studying peak performance he found an opportunity to help sellers level up to not only build peak performance at work, but to also create harmony between work and life so you can sustain performance over the long term.