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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on February 17th, 2021

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Jim Speredelozzi


Notes From The Episode:

  • Jim Speredelozzi on LinkedIn
  • Sales might be the only profession where people commonly have the “this is how I fell into sales story”
  • College roommate had a father in sales. Roommate said he was going to be in sales too…..why would you even go to college?
  • Finished college with Liberal Arts degree but no liberal arts jobs
  • Didn’t think he would be a fit for sales, but he was a nerd and passionate about computers so it seemed to work out
  • Sociology stigma in sales and he had it but thinks it is changing - colleges starting to teach sales, guest lecture at MIT & Harvard & Bentley 
  • Helping people make a positive change is how the best salespeople operate
  • The best sellers and sales leaders instill a belief system FIRST, before they focus on the tactics 
  • Assumptive close….probably not the best
  • Your Belief system is the most important part of sales - ATTITUDE
  • Sandler- Success Triangles 
  • If you do not believe you’re there to help people, you will not be successful in the long-term
  • Shouldn’t sell to people that you can’t HELP
  • Make the world better through Better work! Make people’s life at work more enjoyable, be more engaged at work
  • More engaged at work = happier employees = happier relationships at home = better world
  • 90%+ of revenue comes from a partner network of business consultants
  • PI Tools & Talent Optimization platform to enable those changes - But first WHAT IS THE PROBLEM THAT NEEDS FIXING?
  • PI Reference Profile - Captain - Proactive, task orientation, assertive, extroverted - good for sales - flexible but enjoys process too 
  • PI founded in 1959
  • Collaborators - ME- help teams be cohesive, get everyone to feel good, useful when you have a toxic culture because they help the teams gel, long-term affiliations, patience, struggle to deal with transactional sales role, enterprise sales 
  • Anybody can do any job.  Question is what is NATURAL for them? It’s more WORK for someone to do some of those other things, like me to do a transactional sale
  • Find something that aligns well with your innate behavioral needs
  • Sales hiring - I don’t want to build a Sales Team- I want to build a team of leaders and a LEADERSHIP Development function! They could be used internally or expand outside of the organization
  • @BlackDuck if people hate it and don’t want to be a part of it and you only hire them based upon sales experience. So people quit and you’re set-back
  • ⅔ of the sales people he hired quit within a 3 month period - looked to see if he could start using Behavioral Assessment - got attached to PI
  • He was hiring for experience vs. looking for behavioral fit for a leadership role
  • Get rid of sales experience as a qualifying factor and your pool of candidates opens massively 
  • Can create a great salesperson in 6 months. Hard to breakdown bad habits
  • Best way to start learning how to sell is, make Cold-calls, possibly the hardest job in sales. Get a lot of looks and some of the belief systems. 
  • If you can’t get your attitude right, you can’t cold call effectively
  • Learn to quickly establish rapport in an efficient way
  • Most people don’t want to talk about sports or weather
  • You can’t make a positive change with somebody if you don’t spend time talking about the business problems and challenges they are trying to solve
  • How to use Empathy & Humor (self-deprecating) to build rapport
  • You believe the people you’re calling you can help
  • Build empathy- quickly - The Like Switch - build rapport with Russian Agents
  • The Empathic Statement- quickly build rapport by showing empathy- greet someone new and Notice something about them and STATE IT…..”SO You….” “So you seem….busy, stressed, frustrated”
  • Empathy = experiencing someone’s emotional state with them or at least a concern for theirs when you match tone that focuses on concern. 
  • Working with MBA candidates - they are not envisioning themselves in sales in an end state - they will attempt to found a company or be senior exec- they know they’re going to have to sell to be effective in so many business roles
  • Lou Shipley- CEO of Black Duck - “The first thing the board asks you is how does the sales forecast look” 
  • How to bounce back - Extreme Ownership - Jock Willink - Cannonballs, when something bad happens- CELEBRATE IT now you can figure out how to fix it
  • First thing as a sales leader when you miss a month- look at yourself and your leadership to see how YOU can be accountable to that result
  • You don’t make excuses
  • Don’t want to be in a position where you feel as bad as your worst month or as good as your best month
  • What could I have fixed and done better? Even in a great month
  • What did I do wrong? 
  • Mike CEO @ PI - Avid Sailor- “Let the storms show your mastery”
  • You control your ship, your team, what you do
  • Office Olympics - Captains are Hyper competitive 
  • Behavioral interview and tailor it to the person.  If you suspect someone will be weak in an area- a question about a time when they’ve shown - Look for the emotional response, why they won/lost. 
  • Favorite question for sales people- Do you have any questions for me? ASK SOME QUESTIONS- At the most senior level to not seem curious or excited is a way to fail!
  • Curiosity sells you, because people love to talk about themselves and their company

  • Success Triangles
  • The Like Switch - Jack Schaffer
  • Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink 
  • The Predictive Index
  • Jim on LinkedIn

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