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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on June 30th, 2022

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How To Be A Great Sales Leader with Kevin Dorsey


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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Peak Performance Selling podcast, Jordan talks to fellow podcaster and sales leader Kevin "KD" Dorsey. Kevin, who hosts the Live Better Sell Better podcast,  shares several golden nuggets of wisdom for sales leaders that, if followed, will surely take them on the path to success. 

His most powerful advice: ignorance is not bliss. Whether it be burnout or failing to achieve a set goal, you need to know the reason why and how it happened. Only when clarity is achieved can you proceed to move forward with intention. This is what great leadership looks like. 


  • Courage is not absence of fear
  • Goal setting is more than just vision-boarding
  • GERMS: Kevin's ideal morning routine 
  • Take control of how you want to show up
  • Spend less time thinking, do more fixing
  • How to bounce back from a missed goal 
  • Combating burnout starts with awareness


Kevin: "If you understand that it's fear that's holding someone back, how you address that is different. Where a lot of leadership is like, oh just work harder. Oh, just get over it. If it were that easy, we wouldn't have this problem." 

Kevin: "A lot of people set goals, but they've never mapped out what's gonna change by hitting that goal." 

Kevin: "More often than not, we don't actually take time to solve problems. We take time to think about the problems. We don't actually take the time to solve them. Take action more often than not." 

Kevin: "Clarity gives confidence. Confidence creates momentum. That's how you bounce back. Can't bounce back if all you're gonna do is, I'm just gonna work harder this month or this quarter. That's not what it is." 

You can connect with Kevin and his work in the link below:

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About Jordan Benjamin

Jordan is the founder of My Core OS. After spending years in sales, working with sellers and studying peak performance he found an opportunity to help sellers level up to not only build peak performance at work, but to also create harmony between work and life so you can sustain performance over the long term.