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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on August 13th, 2021

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Doing Hard Things To Crush Sales with Nikki Ivey


Today's guest on the Peak Performance Selling Podcast is Nikki Ivey, Co-Founder at SDRDefenders. Diversity and underrepresentation remain to be primary obstacles in sales. Nikki shares that a strong mindset and a motivation for success have been instrumental in earning her a leading voice in this space. Nikki also works to innovate recruitment practices that do not include unconscious bias and inclusive training in their onboarding process. Nikki shares that companies can access a wider pool of talents when they innovate leadership and hiring strategies.

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Episode Notes


03:55 Nikki's unexpected breakout into sales

18:24 Delivering stellar performance gains you visibility in sales

24:15 Success frees the motivation: Training the mind to overcome adversity

32:30 How to strengthen your mindset: "I don't vs I can't" and being prepared 

40:28 Innovating hiring processes and emphasizing the role of culture  

46:20 Vulnerability is a strong quality in a leader

51:39 How to connect with Nikki


14:58 "Growing up on those bases, diversity was the norm. And it wasn't assimilated diversity either. It wasn't just a bunch of us together who looked different but do the same things."

19:25 "What you can control, what you have the most control over, is your performance. So prioritize that over everything."

25:09 "Do a thing that helps me feel successful. Do a thing that gives me a sense of accomplishment, and that is where the motivation comes from."

42:16 "Make sure that your onboarding process emphasizes culture and inclusion the same way it emphasizes proficiency with this tool or that, the same way that it emphasizes how well they learn the product."

47:59 "That's the number one thing, I would say, is that capacity to be vulnerable in a way that invites people to be their full selves around you. Because then, you're going to get the real reasons why they haven't hit their activity metric in a few days."

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