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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on August 12th, 2020

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David Torres - Episode 11


Turning Anxiety into a Sales Career with David Torres


David is a longtime friend and counterpart at HubSpot, who has been just an absolute rock star within our organization. He is one of the top sellers in the company across the world. Number one in North America, one of our first million-dollar award winners, and going on to manage our Latin America division. Also, he is one of the kindest people I know. 


David will share his sales journey as a first generation American and some awesome nuggets of wisdom for us to take away.


Are you ready to learn and get inspired? This episode is for you.


Key Talking Point of the Episode:


  • David’s background: How he turned his anxiety into a career
  • The overlap between sociology and sales
  • David’s definition of Empathy
  • How David is building his team during this Covid period
  • What does purpose mean to David?
  • David’s first commission from the million-dollar club
  • Qualities of top performers
  • Habits that help David get better and stay afloat
  • How does David handle bad times?
  • Does David love winning or hate losing
  • Qualities of good leaders
  • David’s lessons on Leadership from Jurgen Klopp


Key Milestones of the Episode:

01:41 David’s Background and how he got into sales

04:34 David’s first interview

07:51 The overlap between sociology and the business environment 

12:02 What is empathy for David? How does David build empathy with his team?

18:12 What types of things is David trying to build with his team during these bizarre times of Covid-19?

26:03 David’s definition of purpose for himself and his team?

30:11 How David used his commission from achieving the Million-dollar club

35:21 What are the qualities of top performers, according to David?

43:12 What habits and routines does David have in place that helps him get better?

44.60 What does David do on a bad day? What gets him back to his best?

49:14 What does success mean to David?

50.01 Does David love winning or hate losing?

50:15 Qualities of the best leaders that David has had a chance to work with

52:01 Whom does David admire in sales?


Magical Quotes from the Episode

“Seek to understand, and then you can be understood.”

“Sales isn’t just about bringing in revenue or about making the money that you make. Sales is really about making a business work.”

“Somebody out there is going to be successful in spite of the circumstances. There is no reason why I can’t be that person. Why not me?”

“You’ve got to earn it, every day. Earn every single conversation. The second you take that conversation for granted you start to fall off the horse.”

“Build a weekly plan, that iterates daily.”

“Attack every day with a sense of purpose”

“I think part of the reason why a lot of salespeople burn out is we buy into the consumerism of sales.”

“We buy into the idea of getting yourself the new watch, the new suit. For me it’s about what other things mean a lot more to you? If I were to leave the Earth tomorrow I can say I made an impact here and that’s what makes me happy and give me passion to make every day that much better.”

“Never expect anything of others, you wouldn’t do yourself.”

“When you want to be the best, you stop cutting corners because doing the things that the best do means doing the things that they best do.”

“1. Care 2. Find a way to be the best and continually do those things that help you continuously be the best 3. Learn from your mistakes. The second I stop thinking I make mistakes, is the second I’m lying to myself”

“Not about being the best of all-time, it’s about being the best that night day to day”


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