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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on August 26th, 2021

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Creating Your Own Role in Sales, Product to Sales Mgmt w/ Dave Barron


Episode Summary

Today's guest on the Peak Performance Selling Podcast is David Barron, Director of Specialized GTM at Hubspot. Creating solutions for your client's biggest pain points is at the core of customer-centric sales. With this sales philosophy and after identifying gaps between the sales and product teams, David created a new role to align these departments and keep up with tech innovations. As GTM lead, he emphasizes the need for sales teams to know the product they are selling and communicates company values and strategies consistently. Dave has been at HubSpot for 7 years. He started out as a sales rep then pitched the idea of leading go to market efforts for Service Hub and Operations Hub. He recently moved back to sales to build the Sales Specialist function which focuses on selling new product lines.

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Episode Notes


04:39 Starting out in sales and learning the value of resiliency 

09:12 Creating the Go to Market Lead at Hubspot

11:45  A customer first mentality: Using curiosity to figure out pain points 

22:53 Product teams retain volumes of info to be proficient in the product 

26:28 Constructive feedback and supporting teams across departments

35:26 Coaching kids baseball and imparting perspectives on failure

39:18 Prioritizing a nighttime routine for optimal sleep

42:23 Sales and product leadership qualities to create buy-in

46:00 Connect with David


11:44 "I think the one thing that certainly helped me that, at least from my sales career, was always just like customer first and listening and helping first mentality."

12:03 "Every time you interact with someone, you have to think about them sitting at their desk with a big stack of papers. Your job is to remove pieces of paper and that paper kind of symbolizes work and to-dos, and solve that for them."

15:43 "How can I apply the things that are working in that business and where are the similarities between our potential buyers or target personas, ICPs, that sort of thing? I do think you have to be curious to want to do that."

24:57 "It's hard to relate to someone in a sales role if you've never sat in that role and carried the quota. You don't just have to sell. You have to prospect, you have to prep demos, you have to work with legal, you have to build quotes."

43:42 "As I become a leader at Hubspot, I realize how vital it is to just keep pounding the table on the strategy and the mission, and the strategy and the mission, and this is what we're doing, and this is how we focus around that."

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