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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on October 7th, 2021

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Close More Deals w/ The Sales Evangelist Donald C Kelly


Donald C Kelly, Founder and Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist. Donald demonstrates that sellers can become the best versions of themselves and be the most effective sellers they can possibly be.

He shares that limiting beliefs are what hold you back and that the secret is to let go. Assuming that buyers don't want what you are selling or that you can't do it, when repeated over and over, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Donald explains that the people who do make it are just as qualified as you and the only difference is that they took a chance and got it. Donald also shares some golden nuggets of advice including the importance of a vision board to act as a constant reminder of your goals and the importance of having a healthy daily routine to keep you in top shape. When things don't go your way, remember that the person you should compare yourself to is you yesterday. There are also no bad days, just bad moments, and these do not define your sales quarter.

Episode Notes


03:01 A family of entrepreneurs inspired Donald to be successful at sales

09:08 Let go of limiting beliefs and take a chance because you can do it

15:17 Imposing your beliefs takes away agency from the buyer 

16:56 Repetitive negative thoughts make you behave like it's true

23:38 Create your vision board and keep the dream alive

26:05 Goal-setting creates accountability and Donald's routine

33:31 Bouncing back after setbacks: Aim to beat who you were yesterday

38:04 There are no bad days, just bad moments

41:10 Good leaders inspire others 

43:34 Embrace winning and enjoy moments of victory

45:26 Connect with Donald


11:40 "The secret is that I found that I want to pass on to my son? Is that Oz is not who we think he is because all these big individuals and big companies, they have the same problems that little individuals have."

12:06 "If there's something you want to do, you are totally qualified to do it because people who are going to do it, they more than likely are probably not qualified for it. It's just that they took an opportunity and took a chance."

17:45 "If you're taking in that data and giving it to yourself that I never could close, this just never works out for me, I never can get past the demo phase, then you're repeating that negative thoughts over and over multiple days in a row, it becomes true."

21:07 "When you think positive, it does something to your brain that then leads to the belief that then leads to the action and the habits start to come from that action."

34:33 "What I try to strive to do is to look for how can I make it that I'm going to outperform my yesterday? How can I beat what I did yesterday?"

39:29 "You could have somebody, that one moment with somebody, that rejects you or your company, it doesn't mean that everybody else is going to do that, so I need to be able to isolate that one incident and not allow it cause a catastrophic impact on my sales quarter for the month."

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