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Jordan Benjamin

By: Jordan Benjamin on May 18th, 2020

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3 Ways To Manage Stress During Covid-19

How are you doing getting through the stresses of Covid-19?

We have so many new added stresses that have come into our lives over the last few months.  Fears for our own health and our families health, parents, grandparents and more are top of mind for many of us as we think about the potential health risks.  The fact our children are home from school/day care and so many of us across the world are losing jobs at an historic pace. There's a lot there.  A lot of our normal outlets to relieve stress are unavailable to us like going to the gym, going out to restaurants or getting together with friends.  While those challenges and many others have made this a tough time, there are also tremendous new opportunities presented to us. 

As we are all doing the best we know how to make it through this time, something that has been very helpful to me over the years is to reframe this situation.  It's easy to look at this and be the victim, seeing how this is happening TO YOU.  What would it look like if you re-framed the situation and said, "How is this happening FOR ME?" By flipping our perspective we can now train our mind to look for opportunities within any situation

Many of us used to spend 30-120 minutes in the car, every day, stuck in traffic waiting to get to work.  What an amazing opportunity to do something that gives you joy?! 

From all the people I've spoken with here are 3 things I'm hearing that people are loving to do so they feel better through this challenge.

  1. Be More Conscious of Food Consumption
    This crisis has given us an opportunity to be more intentional about what we eat since our choices are more limited.  We are cooking at home and are more intentional about what we get when shopping for groceries.  With this challenge, we also have the opportunity to have more predictability in what we do for meals.  Have you tried food prepping or taking a few extra minutes you now have to plan meals more strategically?  Maybe even try that diet you've been wanting to go for.  We have less options in our days now which can give us new opportunities that have never been possible.  With less temptation, distraction or snacking opportunities, we have the ability to be more conscious about what we eat.  What an amazing opportunity to fuel your body so you can show up energized and at your best.
  2. Find ways to exercise and move your bodyMany of us are cooped up inside our houses/apartments and don't have access to the gym or classes we normally attend to keep our bodies healthy and endorphins flowing.  While missing access to the gym, it has given me 30-40 minutes back in my day just in commuting time to and from the gym.  Now you can do workouts at home and still have time left over! Tons of different companies are offering free use of their apps and programming for health and fitness, you don't even need equipment!
    You can do free yoga with Corepower Yoga's online offerings, Peloton has tons of free offerings on their 90-day trial or Facebook live workouts daily with Planet Fitness. There are so many ways you can take that extra 20 minutes and help you come out of this stronger and healthier than when you started.
  3. Hold Yourself Gently
    This concept came up as I was in a group of individuals all talking about how we're getting through this time and this phrase was beautiful.  We are all feeling a lot of pressure, we are all juggling so many new things that we thought were "under control" prior to coming in to this.  Realizing that it's up to you to take care of yourself and not making it harder than it needs to be we can acknowledge that we're doing our best and that's GREAT! We don't have a playbook how to best get through this, we won't make all of the right decisions and that is OK.  We are human, we make mistakes and learn.  Give yourself some room to breathe and Hold Yourself Gently.

What are you doing to manage stress during this time?

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